JP – A

JP A-1

Jet A is the standard jet fuel type in the U.S. since the 1950s and is only available there. Jet A is similar to Jet-A1, except for its higher freezing point of ?40 ºC (100 ºF), with an auto ignition temperature of 210 ºC (410 ºF). Jet A can be identified in trucks and storage facilities by the UN number 1863 Hazardous Material placards.

Jet A trucks, storage tanks, and pipes that carry Jet A are marked with a black sticker with a white “Jet A” written over it, next to another black stripe. Jet A will have a clear to straw color if it is clean and free of contamination. Water is denser than Jet A, and will collect on the bottom of a tank. Jet A storage tanks must be dumped on a regular basis to check for water contamination. It is possible for water particles to become suspended in Jet A, which can be found by performing a “Clear and Bright” test. A hazy appearance can indicate water contamination beyond the acceptable limit of 30ppm (parts per million).



No.Parameter NameMaximum (Supreme)The First
1Density at 20, not less780775
2Fractional structure: the temperature started distillations, not above150150
10% it is driven away at temperature, not above165165
50% it is driven away at temperature, not above195195
90% it is driven away at temperature, not above230230
98% it is driven away at temperature, not above250250
3Kinematic viscosity mm2/c (cCT) in +20C, not less1.30 (1.30)1.25 (1.25)
In -40 c, no more8 (8)8 (8)
4The lowest heat of combustion4212042900
5Height of not smoking flame2525
6Acidity of fuel, no more0,70,7
7 Iodic number - grams of iodine on 100 grams of fuel, no more2,53.5
8The temperature of the flash determined in closed, not below2828
9The temperature began crystallization, not above-50-50
10Dependent of temperature on oxidation stability in static conditions at
150 degrees, no mote: concentration of a deposit on 100 see fuel
11Mass fraction of aromatic hydrocarbons, no more2222
12Concentration of actual pitches, no more35
13Mass fraction of the general (common) sulfur0,20,25
14Mass fraction mercaptane sulfur0,0030,005
15Mass fraction of hydrogen sulphideAbsenceAbsence
16Test for a copper plate at 100 degrees within 3 hoursMaintainsMaintains
17The maintenance of ashes0,0030,003
18The maintenance (contents) of water-soluble acids and alkalisAbsenceAbsence
19The maintenance (contents) washed naften acidsAbsenceAbsence
20The maintenance (contents) of mechanical impurity and watersAbsenceAbsence
21Interaction with water, a point, no more: a condition of an interface11
Condition of the divided (shared) phases11