ELIF Holdings L.L.C. an established Vehicle Importer, Dealer and Distributor of International Brand Vehicles and premium vehicles for Cars, SUV’s, Commercial Trucks and Buses, has a wide network of distribution of Vehicles throughout Africa.

With diversified business interest, ELIF gives top most priority for its Automobile import and distribution division and it is under the direct control of CEO. ELIF has started dealing with Cars but over the years, ELIF has added the range of vehicles and new internationally recognized brands were added to the portfolio like Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, etc.

By introducing world-class brands, we are making these brands to the reach of our customers based in Africa, Asia and Latin American countries. Our USP is that we are dealing directly with the manufacturing unit and we buy and hold the stock before we take the orders. The buyer can see the vehicles physically before he buy.

ELIF group has an established presence in the diverse fields of Manufacturing, Commodity Trading, Oil & Gas, Heavy Vehicles, Fertilizer industry, finance, etc. We are associated with biggest and recognized manufacturers in the respective fields. We have well trained professionals in the respective fields who has full technical know-how of the products.

ELIF is a recognized name in the automobile industry for its bulk purchases from the manufacturing place and for its wide distribution network. ELIF is known for its strong ethics and policy on delivering branded products to the doorsteps of buyers especially in West African markets. The customer always has the option to choose the vehicle of their choice and brand since we have different international brands to choose with.

With revenue of over USD 1 Trillion and almost 15 million employees, the car industry is the world’s largest manufacturing business. While many carmakers are doing well at present, the outlook is grim. With increasingly saturated markets in the affluent countries of Western Europe, Japan, North America, where the industry has until now earned most of its money, many suppliers are turning to the emerging markets of the developing world. Even though the demands for vehicles are increasing, the operational cost also is on its high and difficult for many manufacturers to cater each and every market with same priority. Here comes the vital role of ELIF as an importer/distributor of internationally recognized vehicles, who has the capacity to buy in large volumes and share the benefit derive out of that to our customers.

Our strong ties with International manufacturers of automobiles give us a clear head advantage of providing the superior quality customer service as expected by our customers.

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