ELIF HOLDINGS is a major independent multinational group of companies with experience that spans over 10 years, providing reliable, high-quality products and services as well as value-added logistics solutions in key sectors that directly impact positively human and business existence. The Group extends its global presence and offers its products and services through wholly owned, joint ventures and partner companies in Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Ghana, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates and other countries of the world with its head office in the United States of America.

As one of the major players in the international & global markets, ELIF HOLDINGS facilitate trading, financing, project consulting and humanitarian programs; dealing currently with orders exceeding 5 Billion US Dollars and above. Due to its international reputation of conducting fair business practices, ELIF HOLDINGS is frequently contacted by leading seller and buyer companies for the sale & purchase of their products. ELIF HOLDINGS has over time acquired a leading role in providing consulting services to major business organizations and organizing joint ventures between leading global companies.

ELIF HOLDINGS manages and operates diversified business groups with the main objective of satisfying different market segments with quality products and services; The Group also positions itself strategically to pursue acquisitions of companies that enhance the groups’ main business capabilities. This enables the group to expand its product offerings and provide more comprehensive service to clients across the globe.

All the manufacturing facilities meet ISO 9001 quality assurance standards of the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001. The entire products range is designed and built to meet the highest international quality and safety standards essential to submitting services.

The numerous years of expertise of the company’s senior management drawn from across the globe in international trade activities, professional qualifications of the company’s employees, high quality of products supplied, concentration on customer needs cum efficient optimal system of sales management all ensure a leading position of our ELIF in the global market.